“What do the following have in common?"

Goodwood Revival, Twinwoods Glen Miller Tributes, schools book day, productions of 'Allo Allo' , local Amateur Plays and Channel 5 documentaries and parties with a 40's theme.

Answer: we supply people who attend with 1940s military uniforms, fancy dress costumes and original 1940's dresses and accessories.

 Do something special. Do something unique and memorable: throw a vintage party or attend an event.

It’s also a great way to bring history alive, especially at special events such as World War II days and as you can see from the photograph below some teachers like these from a school in Ipswich go that extra mile for their students and dress up each each year to encourage and create enthusiasm for learning about  World War II, a time which should not be forgotten.  The memories of those that lived through this period of our history should be preserved for all future generations.

1940's Military Group Photo


1940's Military Group Photo 2

1940's Dress


1940's Dress 2